Do we get all the photos taken on the day?
You receive all the images I take except for the unflattering eyes closed, mouth open and duplicates. The aim is for quality over quantity, so I always shoot to document your day, photograph the details and everything in between. Typically this ranges anywhere from 350 images to 1000 images depending on the size of the wedding, the length of time for portraits and how long I am there.

Are all the images edited?
Your images are edited and in high resolution when you receive them.

Can we have a second shooter?
I have had the privelege to work with a few talented photographers, some I’ve known for a long time. We can most definitely arrange a second shooter.

What if you can’t be at my wedding for any reason?
As mentioned above, I am lucky enough to know a few professional photographers that I trust and in the unlikely event of me not being able to turn up, I will appoint someone to take my place and ensure that your wedding day is covered.

Do you offer albums?
I certainly do. I have exquisite quality flushmount albums in a range of sizes/treatments that I will gladly show you when we meet up.

If we have more questions?

I realise that while I’ve photographed quite a few weddings, you have more than likely not planned many. I love the chance to chat and get to you know over email or over coffee, so any questions I’m more than happy to answer.

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