about me

I’m Bec. I’m a wedding and portrait photographer. I love fine wine, adventures, running, flamingos, cushions, Glasshouse candles, dancing, feathers, my partner, my pets and weddings. (in no particular order!)

That’s me up there in the photo. Yes, it took me ages to grow the moustache 😉
So what do you want to know? Where I grew up (Alstonville, Tamworth, all over) how many siblings I have (six) or just how I became a photographer? Okay then!

Everyone knows some cliche story of a photographer picking up a camera as a teenager and just knowing that it was right for them. Well… I hate to disappoint but I was given a film camera for my 16th birthday from my mum. I fell in love with capturing the world through my limited stash of cheap film. I spent every last bit of money I had  on film and developing. I spent a lot of time in the darkroom in school and also in TAFE, and then I packed my bags and headed to Newcastle.

The moment I photographed my first wedding in 2006 (as an assistant with a photography company) I was hooked. It was fast paced, it was a little scary but amazing. I loved the dresses, I loved the emotions and I loved everyone’s stories. It was in these moments that I knew I was definitely meant to be a wedding photographer and that I love to capture these things in my own little way. What makes me different? Everyone sees the world a little differently – and I choose to capture it authentically, genuinely, carefree, with lots of laughter, crude jokes and some awkwardness thrown in. Sounds like fun right!? Trust me, it is. x